Záznam z 10.Října

 Bonnie Gruesen 
 Scarlett Byrne 
i love sundays :)
 Oliver Phelps 
I'm gutted waking up to the news  passed away late last night. Thoughts are with his family.
 Brian Rosenthal 
Happy birthday  ! And may the odds be ever in your favor!
 Evanna Lynch 
 haha, that's what I was thinking! So random! See you tomorrow hopefully! xxx
 Brian Holden 
This Moth podcast was particularly funny to me, as I was an altar boy myself. But that was a long time ago.
 Jaime Lyn Beatty 
Ed Harris for Steve Jobs biopic  
 Brian Holden 
Ahhhhh! Drink. Dance. Nick Gage, Bill and  were perfect tonight.
 Richard Campbell 
It's an MGMT kind of night.
 Lily Marks 
Well this is the last place I thought I'd be tonight .
 Joey Richter 
About to embark on an EPIC birthday weekend adventure in Hollywood for !!
 Jaime Lyn Beatty 
Now watching Dirty Dancing. Couldn't be more happy. 
 Bonnie Gruesen 
Be sure to make time for the ones you love. If you don't, they might forget you love them.
 Tyler Brunsman 
Just tripped and BIT IT. And I had to go to the bathroom so bad, and the impact squeezed my bladder...you do the math...
 Tyler Brunsman 
The leaders and best!!! HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!



 Brian Holden 
I'm huge! 
 A.J. Holmes
I'm at North Market (59 Spruce St., N Front St., Columbus) w/ 5 others 
 Jaime Lyn Beatty
Beyonce's new single "Countdown" sounds like a really fun, sexy, seizure for your ears.
 Scarlett Byrne 
me and my new bike Poppy :) 
 Brian Holden

no matter what happens, Third Eye Blind will always be there for me. There still around right? I should write them a letter.
 Joe Moses
Aight boys and girls: Looking at a 5PM EST release of the new info. Editing/uploading might take a wee bit longer.   


Myslím, že minulý týden psala Scaret Byrne, že jdou s Evannou do kina na tři mušketýry.
Ano, nejsou v týmu Starkid, ale myslím, že s AVPT Muzikálem se jimi stanou.
Ale i tak, patří to k Hp.
Scarlet_Byrne ->@Evy_Lynch